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Voltech LCB-300 (MSD300)

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Voltech LCB-300 (MSD300) External Sending Box Voltech LED & LCD Accessory Voltech LCB-300 (MSD300) External Sending Box Voltech LED & LCD Accessory

Product Detail:

Introducing the Voltech LCB-300 (MSD300) External Sending Box: the gateway to seamless LED control!
Main Features
- Reliable built-in power supply with an input range of 100~240V AC and an output of +5V 3.0A, which can run the LED display efficiently.
- A three-conductor power cord with grounded housing provides a safe, durable connection.
- Compact and portable design meets mobility and mobility requirements for LED control setups in various events.
 Easy to install, with plug-and-play functionality.
- LCB300 (MSD300)  acts as a data transmission hub, receiving signals from control devices such as computers or video processors and transmitting them to the LED display module.
- Accurately transmit data to the LED display to present images, videos, or other content.
- Optimize the input signal to the LED display through multiple processes such as signal amplification, equalization, and retiming to maintain signal integrity over long distances.
- Seamless integration with LED display by inserting novastar msd300 sending card.
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