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Voltech HVP358

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Voltech HVP358 LED Video Processor Voltech LED & LCD Accessory

Product Detail:

Say hello to the Voltech HVP358 LED Video Processor - your ultimate solution for stunning visuals and unparalleled versatility!
Main Features
- Deliver stunning visuals to impress your audience with high-quality videos and presentations.
- Supports 4K Ultra HD resolution input, delivering a stunning high-quality LED display that captivates viewers with lifelike clarity and detail.
- The ability to seamlessly switch between sources makes content transitions on the LED display smooth and professional.
- A comprehensive and indispensable SDI input and output tool, with functions such as one-click black screen and freeze, mode saving and recall, and compatibility with 4 standard sending cards.
Multiple Connections
- Offers multiple input options including two sending cards to connect a PC, DVD player, and camera while outputting images to one monitor and two sending cards of an LED display simultaneously
- Offers the flexibility to connect a variety of sources with an impressive 11-channel digital-to-analog video input.
Dual-view function
- 2 splicing channels and 1 monitoring channel allowing dynamic content scheduling.
- Channel M monitoring helps create dual views of any size at any location after stitching content.
- Ensure details are clearly visible, whether on an extra-large LED screen or a smaller monitor.
- Able to connect two different images on a single LED screen via two different output channels, or even drive two LED screens of different resolutions separately for diverse possibilities to adapt to needs.
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